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KISS the musical 
Assistant set design

‘KISS’ is a devised gig-theatre musical, based on the idea that there is a world where love can be taken as a pill. In collaboration with the designer Min, I was given the role of floor design and rendering. I was actively involved with the creative process, explored the potentials of set design in a studio space, and learned practical skills by communicating and experimenting in the realization process.


Director Keziah Serreau

Set Designer Min-Chein Feng

Assistant Set Designer Yimei Zhao

Costume Designer Sasha Balmazi Owen

Assistant Costume Designer George Martin

Lighting Designer Luke Marino

Sound Designer Rob Jones

Production Manager James Thompson

Stage Manager Mia Raven

Venue Webber Douglas Studio

Photography Patrick Baldwin

Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 00.25.11.png
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