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Dare You Say Please
Set design

Writer Aimee Varani

Producer Aimee Varani & Mia Young

Director Alexzandra Sarmiento

Set Designer Yimei Zhao

Lighting Designer Adam King

Sound Designer Owen Crouch

Venue Kings Head Theatre

Photography Yimei Zhao

This new play by Aimee Varani talks about two strangers get to know each other before they are forced to make the ultimate decision in one hour: Which one of them will live beyond this room and how will they decide. I used a diamond-shaped floor to represent this ‘interrogation’ room for them, and attached cctv, wires, telephone on the ceiling to create the clinical and intense atmosphere, as if the ‘spectators’ from outside are watching them making the decision, and the room is being teared down and damaged after every decision throughout the countdown.

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