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The Hugging Project 
Design collaboration 

Choreographer Scarlett Perdereau

Designers & Makers Sophie Andrews, Francesca Graville, Will Hamilton, Yimei Zhao

Dancers Hui Chen, Irad Timberlake

Photography Yimei Zhao


Based on the choreography from Scarlett, our concept focused on the physical changes caused by the hug, using plastic boning from parcels to create these bold, monster-like shapes on our costumes. As the lighting and sound lead in this project, I used the sound coming from the materials of the costume as a way to represent 'hug' by putting contact and vocal microphones on their bodies. The sound and feedback are different every time when they are hugging, running or standing still. By putting speakers at different levels in the space, the live sound is occupying the whole space like a living organ.

Video taken by Andreas Skourtis and Simon Donger

Video edited by Yimei Zhao

Performed in North Block in RCSSD

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